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What do I do?
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Hello and Welcome Beings of Light,
My work as Spirit Channeller or the most popular term is 'Medium' means that I am dedicated to helping people find their own gifts of spirit communication, as well as bringing you the messages from those whom we affectionately call 'The World of Spirit'.

I give what is commonly known as ‘evidence’ or even more commonly known as ‘validation’ of life after death through the communication of  the Spirit world.

Having the gifts of all the ‘clairs’ means that I am able to bring through certain aspects of the energy that is communicating, giving such evidence as a town, how the person looks, a name, what you did that day, a personal memory you may hold, a personality type that is unique to a particular loved one, or even certain words only they may have used. Pets communicate as well. There is absolutely no way that I would know these things, so when Spirit bring through this information, I am often as excited as you are.
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There are many ways in which we can receive guidance in the form of Spirit communication. Here are some of the services that I offer:
What clients are saying
"A Medium with a difference. Kind, accurate and no ego. Unique indeed." Lexi, 32, Switzerland
"Unbelievable. I felt completely uplifted
afterwards. Truly gifted lady." Sam & Bertie, Cologne, Germany
"So smart, so gifted and very funny." Erasmo, Italy
"I thought nothing could shock me. How could she know these things?" Beth, Gateshead UK
"When she said my Dad's name and where I was born I knew she was the real deal. An amazing talent." The Moreau family, Cannes, France
"I cried, I laughed, it's a whole new world for me after this." Mirah, Abu Dhabi
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There is so much more than the           can see. 
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Spiritual Divination
Group Readings
Psychic Readings
Automatic Writing
Divining Rods
Physical Psychic Phenomenon
(moving objects, table tipping)
Trance Mediumship
Angel Readings
Live Demonstrations
Remote Viewing
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Dubai 2020 event postponed due to pandemic.
No more interest accepted for Dubai event in 2020; Event is now full.
During COVID-19 restrictions: Offering Skype/Zoom/telephone consultations. 
                                                Contact me using the form below.
New details sent out; event still full for 2021, but additional date may be added.
NEW Videos every  Sunday
At my discretion, I may refuse to do your reading. I read energy and if it is not right, I won't do the reading.
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