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Please be aware of your responsibility to yourself as you accept full ownership for your decisions, thinking, and actions. My job is not to tell you how to run your life, but to help to expand your view of your situation. The more you can see, the more informed your choices. I hope that this will allow more insight and open up your own innate abilities. My responsibility is to give you the view that I am given. It is then your choice as to if, when and what action you take.

I will cater your reading towards your specific needs, depending on your query. For example, if you have recently lost a relative and would like to communicate with them, I would link in for Mediumship. If you are looking for a lost object, the pendulum, or another divination tool is used. You may also request particular readings, for the experience, or just for personal preference.


Fees will be quoted in £British Pound Sterling (International clients use the Currency Conversion Table).

The Readings offered are as follows:

NEW: Crystal Personal Remedies: I link with your aura and whilst viewing give you a remedy using Crystals for re-balancing. Very powerful!

1. An face-to-face 50 Minute Reading involving past, present and future, using any method. Often covers relationships, career, family, and life path.

2. Tarot/Card divination Reading, usually 50 minutes (as above)

3. Angel Reading, usually 30 minutes (as above) 

4. Spiritual Guidance and Development. Explores your journey and the steps to spiritual enlightenment and progression. Will often cover life's purpose. Usually 50 minutes.

5. Past Life Reading, usually 50 minutes. (Past Life Regression is a different kind of session, where you are hypnotically regressed back into other lives. This reading lasts 2 hours....see below)

6. Past Life Regression, usually 2 hours and explores a particular past life or lives.

7. Auric Reading. Usually 30 minutes, sensing illness or imbalance, and the healing of these conditions. Can be done remotely.

8. Email Readings: Email readings can help with a particular situation that may require immediate attention, or asking certain specific questions. By using the Contact Me page, you can send me a note and I we can arrange an email reading.

Please Note:
All readings apply to person-to-person, email or telephone readings. Past Life Regression is done only in person.

Face-to-Face Readings:
All readings are by appointment only. Please note that a 48 hours notice is required for cancellation, or else the full session fee will be due. This is due to the sparseness of available spaces left for appointments. It is only fair that someone else could be given the space for a reading.

For your convenience, we accept payment through PayPal, (there is a £5 administration fee) the best known international payment option. PayPal accept MasterCard & Visa. You do not need a credit card to pay through PayPal.

If using PayPal, it is best to send me your request and I will send you an invoice. This will avoid you having to pay twice.

I have offices in the following locations:

*SW London Clapham (Close to Battersea, Balham, Wandsworth)

*West London (Ladbroke Grove, close to Nottinghill Gate, Kensington, Hyde Park and the West End)

**I am available for home visits only to perform house cleansing and clearing. But this is not necessary for the cleansing to take place, as it can be done remotely. Fees depend on location. Please contact me for further details.
My Committment and Yours
Spiritual Mediumship 
Clairvoyance & Clairaudience (also smell, taste, feel - See Definitions)
Channelled Messages
Trance Mediumship
Automatic Writing
(See details further down page)

Blessings and Clearing - homes, buildings, personal
Locating object with:
Remote viewing
Divination Rods
Dream interpretation and Psychic Dreams
Spiritual Healing
Energy Chakra Clearing and Re-balancing
Crystal Remedies and Healing
Book a Group Reading with Me!

For any occasion, a group reading is the perfect way to get the most out of having a private reading around the people you love and know. In public demonstrations, the number of people can be huge. This means that the chances of you getting a message is slimmer, depending upon time restraints. With a private group reading with family and friends, you get the support of those who know you and care about you.
Group Readings are often booked by:
Family Work colleagues Friends Neighbours Businesses Organisations
Special Occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and weddings
To mark a new chapter in life When purchasing a new home School reunions Family reunions

Whatever the occasion may be, I am happy to give your group a reading.

*No maximum of people.
 *Minimum of 4 people.
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It was an amazing experience. 
Glenda, Cheshire (May 2014)
We had no idea what to expect. 
But the drive to London was worth it.
Steve (Aug 2015)
Sally, Mark, Daniel 
(June 2016)
Hearing from your parents was a 
dream come true. I thought
 it would never happen.
Lylah, (Nov 2019)
Host your own
with Sha
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