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Dear Sha

Today (Saturday 4th September) on the morning show you guided the viewers through a Sodalite meditation which I found very powerful. I phoned in a comment on my experience, describing the indigo colour and the unusual mathematical shape I saw.

You then talked about how I need to speak my truth - especially at work and how I often go from not speaking my truth to then having it all tumbling out in an uncontrolled way...and then having to clean up the mess! Spot on.

You also gave me a longer reading on the phone once about 6 months ago and it too was accurate and tremendously healing. That wasa while back and what I would like is an in-depth reading with you. Do you provide readings by phone in your practice? I know you do face to face readings but London is quite a journey for me, although not impossible.

I have work issues, relationship issues and psychic development issues that I think would benefit from your insight. In the meantime I need to get myself at least one more piece of Sodalite...

Again many thanks for your work and I look forward to hearing form you soon!

A. (leolady)

Dear A,
Thank you for such a beautiful message and for feedback on the reading. It is always such a gift and pleasure to hear back from everyone.

I have sent you some details by email. I'll also be holding workshops in London in 2011 so I hope you will find time to attend. There is one in particular on crystal healing. Many blessings to you too!

Thank you Sha. It's going to sound dramatic but you saved my life that day I phoned you asking for a reading immediately. You told me your earliest available time, which was a week away. I was devastated. But you know what it taught me? Patience. I always act too quickly and spontaneously. I get into so much trouble that way. It's exactly how I gained 3 stone. I just ate on the spur of the moment not waiting to see if I was even hungry. Not only am I keeping the weight off now, but I can honestly say that I am really bowled over by your professionalism, honesty and understanding of life. I did what you said and I sat quietly, then I fell asleep and woke up 6 hours later. I felt totally different. When we had the reading a week later, the situation was still there, but I had moved on to a different place in my mind. I cannot thank you enough because once again, I was about to do something in haste. I would have regretted it and could not take it back. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. Lots of love to you the Goddess of Calm.
Mary P.

Dear Mary,
I cannot tell you how good it is to hear from you and that you are shifting your old habits. I am always in awe of the power of Spirit and our own choices to live and work ethically. I know it is the right thing for me to stick to my principles, as I too have a responsibility to myself to live my life in a way that prepares me to do this work. If I drop everything to do a reading for someone who feels desperate, then I am not living or working ethically. There are always choices. You chose to sit quietly. That choice led to some peaceful sleep, which was needed. That one choice has led to an avalanche of self healing. You are now shifting major obstacles out of the way. Well done to you. Wishing you all the best & thank you once again for such lovely comments. Many Blessings.

Dear Sha,
It's so good to see you on TV. The way you connect with your guide is amazing and the way you channel through messages is unbelievable. How can I learn to do this? I have so much stress in my life that theres no way I can meditate on this now. Can I join your workshop?
Thank you,

Dear Joyce,
Thank you so much for your lovely comments. I will be giving workshops throughout the year and there are some being finalised now for July & August. Please continue to check the Events & News page for updates. They will be held in London. And as always I'll be at the Mind Body Soul exhibiiton in October. A workshop is planned there as well. More details soon.
It will be a pleasure to have you on board. I look forward to seeing you. L & L.

Dear Sha,
I've decided to give up nursing. I've done it now for 22 years. I'm tired and uninspired. It sounds awful doesn't it. But I think it's time I change. But I want to do some studying. I have so many more interest. Can we have a reading about my direction. You've worked with me on how to move forward in my relationships which has been so helpful. Now I need help in my career. I don't know if you remember but in 2005, you told me that I would be looking at changing what I do for a living in 5 years. I remember being skeptical. (I still have the cassette tape).
Jane, Fulham

Dea Jane,
Thank you for your message. Am I correct in saying that was our 1st reading together? Wow! That was 5 years ago! Yes I would be happy to help you to look at your career path and change. I'd be interested in looking at your past lives. But also to do a timeline to see what's in store. You've got some ideas already, but we can explore further. Looking forward to seeing you next week.
Love & Light

Dear Sha,
(This email has been shortened for pubilcation)
It was nice to meet you and I have to say that your reading was very different from ones I had with other psychics. You were very direct but also easy with me. I really appreciate that. I mentioned I had been crying alot lately and that it started ever since I moved into the new house. You did a remote viewing of the house, which I have to say, frightened me a bit, only because it was the first time it was proven to me that people can actually see from afar. I am still in shock by this. What if other people can see things that they shouldn't see. Someone like you is trustworthy, but maybe others are not. Anyway you told me how to clear my energy and you did a Feng Shui report for me. I've used alot of the suggestions and they've worked. I'm so much happier now. I laugh instead of crying. I'm still amazed. But how on earth did you learn to see other places without being there?
T.M., Manor Park

Dear TM,
Thanks for your message. Yes its often a shock to people that 'remote viewing' is possible. To answer your question, this ability just happened when all of a sudden I found myself seeing into a friend of mine's home in Toronto. This happened some 20 years ago. His life had changed dramatically and I was speaking to him on the phone and I just started telling him what was in the home and how it looked. He wasn't that surprised, but I was, a bit! It's a helpful tool to have.

Whilst some people have abilities they will use to help others, some will have abilities they use to do the opposite. This is the issue with all jobs & careers and abilities. A great writer might use his ability to slander or gossip about others, whilst another great writer might use his ability to educate, enlighten and help others. The same will apply to psychics. And also, just because people are psychic doesn't mean they are ethical or good people, or even spiritual people.

Rest assured, most people cannot view remotely, and that includes psychics. We all have different skills. I don't think my guides & helpers have a ceiling on how they work with me, which has been amazing at times, and daunting at times. They've just dropped things in on me. All of a sudden I'm doing it. But that was years ago. I'm still growing and learning.

Fear not. No one can see what you don't want them to see anyway. Trust that you've chosen the right psychic and they will work in your best interests. Thanks for your message and I look forward to seeing you next month. Blessings.

Hello Sha.
You did a reading for me in Beckenham last year, which was amazing. Every time I listen to the tape you made I am shocked and amazed every time. My mother who had passed came through (you described her hairstyle which you could not have known about) and had many messages for me. Since then, I have felt better than I have in a long time and my depression has gone. How can I learn more about spirituality?
K.A., Beckenham

Dear K,
Thank you for your feedback. I am pleased that you have found it helpful. I am also pleased that you are wanting to know more about spirituality. I would suggest that you read as much as you can on what interest you. The term 'spirituality' can encompass many schools of thought and interpretations. What is spiritual to one person may not be to another. Allow your intuition to guide you to what you want to know about most, and go from there. For example, you mention that in our reading your mother came through and communicated through me...to you. This is called 'mediumship'(see the Definitions page). I am a channel for spirit and I can hear and see them, which is why I could tell you about her hair, as you mentioned. If this interests you, please read on mediumship. You can also try attending workshops on the understanding of spirituality. Use the internet to search for these, and allow your inner guide to lead you to the right ones. I hold regular workshops in London and Spain on different aspects of spiritual development. Please check periodically for news on these (see the Events page). If you have any further queries, please contact me at any time (contact Sha). Leave your name and email address and I will add you to our workshop newsletter, which is currently in development.

Hello Sha.
My daughter and I saw you in Ealing and we were so pleased with our reading. Her dad came through and described how she was struggling with her studies. He gave her good advice. But you said he said that she would eventually change her degree. Well she spoke with her course coordinator and come October she is going onto a different degree programme. She was struggling because she wasn't meant to be doing that degree, as you said. Just wanted to thank you for your help. We still listen to the recording. Not only is my daughter relieved, but as a family, we can all rest much more comfortably. Also, knowing that her father is fine in Spirit is a big relief. Once again, thank you.
C.M. London

Hi CM,
Thank you for your feedback. So glad your daughter's made a decision, with her father's help! Keep listening to the recording if it helps. Please give your daughter my regards. Wishing you both the best.

Hello Sha.
We had a reading with you in January where I was struggling with the onset of what felt like a forced redundancy. I remember telling you that it just didn't feel right and that although others were made redundant, that I felt I should not have been. I asked you about my boss and the company and you told me things that you could never have known, except through some kind of power. I wanted to let you know that I accepted the redundancy and my husband and I have moved to France. I used the money to start my own cafe and we love our new life. You may be curious to how I could go from rejecting that decision so harshly to accepting it? Well, it was one thing you said in the reading. You looked at me and asked how many times I had rejected my husband before I accepted his proposal in marriage. I know it sounds ridiculous, but when I went home, I thought about how he courted me and waited 4 years before I finally accepted. It made me look at myself and my stubborn nature. I know that was not what you were saying, but that is what I learnt from it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. If I had taken that company to court, I know now that I would have lost the case, been out of money, and never have been able to enjoy this great new life that we have now in France. You are a gifted lady. Our best regards to you.
Pam, France

Hello Pam.
Wow, what a transformation. I would never have known that you went from where you were that day to where you are now. As I recall, you were determined to contact a solicitor and start proceedings. Well done to you. It is a prime example of how our own choices can change our destiny. I am happy to hear that you take full responsibility for your choices. Thank you for the information on your lovely cafe, and the next time I am in France, I will come in to say hello. Thanks for your wonderful comments, they are very much appreciated. All the very best for you and your family's future.
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