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The perfect Gift!
Contact me for fees

What better way to give a gift that is life changing, inspiring and meaningful.

You can purchase a gift certificate for the following:
- 30 minute Psychic Reading
- Telephone Readings
- A consultation of your choice by SKYPE
- Email Readings
- A Past Life Reading
- A Spiritual Coaching session (by telephone, SKYPE or 1-2-1)

Contact us at info@theseerslight.com for more details.
The 'Give Me' series of holistic, self-help recordings focuses on improving the quality of your life by giving you exactly what you need right now. This is one of four recordings offering you the best in relaxation & motivational change music accompanied by the spoken word.

Accompanied by inspirational music, this CD focuses on releasing negative thoughts and old beliefs, and instilling confidence, reassurance, self acceptance and all the wonderful, lovely and powerful energies that you need to feel your most confident. 
Sha LéWilante is dedicated to helping others go within, finding a quieter mind & a much more relaxed state of being. This allows for more understanding and a true connection with your own inner voice.

These CD's are energising, peaceful, and powerful and can help to facilitate personal growth. However, they are not to be substituted for medical attention. The therapeutic content of the products do not promise to fully prevent or cure any particular medical condition, either physiological or psychological. The products should be used in conjunction with or otherwise as being guided or instructed by a medical clinician.

Sha (MSc Psychology, BA, Dip CHyp., Dip Couns & Psyc, SQHP), works as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Dream Analyst, Stress Manager, Holistic Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Life Coach, Regressionist, and Metaphysical Healer. She treats individuals, couples, and children. She also works within the corporate sector, using group workshops to enhance working skills.

She uses the most modern and approved techniques and is at the forefront of development of hypnotherapy, EMDR, and personal development. Sha is also a specialist in trauma work. She holds a STOP SMOKING IN 1 SESSION at the clinic. She receives referrals from local GP's for both surgical and dental cases.
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