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Exploring Past Lives

Have you ever wondered why certain people & places feel familiar even though they may be your first encounter? Have you instantly connected with someone to the point of sheer bliss, or instantly disliked someone to the point of total disgust? How can this be when you don't know each other? Have you a debilitating habit that logically cannot be explained? Are you an aficionado without formal training? Were you a child genius and a master of an instrument or other skill?

Chances are that you have brought these skills, characteristics, experiences, and feelings with you when your soul reincarnated to this time and place.

A past life can be defined as a previous incarnation, meaning that the soul has agreed to reincarnate to a particular time and place, bringing with it the souls entire journey. Reincarnation is defined as when the soul or spirit continues journeying via another vehicle, a different body in a different time.

One misconception about past lives is that the soul will inhabit the same sex, race, culture or nationality that it had in the last incarnation. In fact, this is least likely to occur. In order to gain a well-rounded, all comprehensive experience of life, the soul will take the opportunity to inhabit a different sex, race & culture to experience all sides of humanity. How best to understand a woman? Reincarnate as a woman. Want to understand the psychology of man? Reincarnate as a man.

Some believe that the journey you chose is already ordained and that you agree when and how you will reincarnate. The experiences you choose to have in this lifetime will engage many other soul contracts, vows, promises and understandings & agreements. Your most challenging, difficult, happiest, saddest, joyous, life shattering or emotionally charged experiences are more likely to be past life ones.

How does knowing which past life is affecting you now help you? Understanding and integration of this understanding can help you to move in a positive direction. It creates a space for healing and peace.

One of the most confusing and inspiring aspects of the souls journey is the richness in learning. Wisdom is gathered with each journey. But the experience of the learning can be both difficult and confusing.

Employing hypnosis to achieve a desirable level of relaxation and trance helps to prepare for the regression. It is important to allow yourself to just be in the experience and not to allow previous thoughts or ideas about regression get in the way. The more comfortable you feel with the therapist the more likely your session will be successful. Every session is different and everyone's experience is unique, just as every past life is unique.

Past Life Regression is not a replacement or treatment for major illness. It should be seen as a valuable source of richness and unique understanding.

Please visit here to learn more about a session of Past Life Regression.

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