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17th January 2016
11 am

London Spiritual
13 Pembridge Place
London W2
Sunday Service at the London Spiritual Mission

Join Sha at London Spiritual Mission, affectionately known as ‘Pembridge Place’ for the Sunday Service that will enlighten, heal and charge the energy of your spirit. There is music and singing that will raise your Spirits.

Sha believes that whilst it is not her mission to convince you that life exists in the Spiritual realm after the soul leaves the physical body, she has dedicated her life to being a Channel for the Spirit world. In doing so she has worked with her Guides and Helpers who assist in bring forth to you the loving and healing messages from Spirit.

As with all public demonstrations, it is not possible to give a message to everyone attendee. However, it is Sha’s belief that this is already ordained before she gets there, and whomever receives the messages was meant to receive them that evening. In addition to this, any public address of Spirit will be orchestrated to touch the souls of everyone attending.

Please arrive with your best self, full of love and good vibrations to lift the energy of the room so that Spirit feel welcomed and invited to communicate though Sha to you!
10th February 2016
7:30 pm

Barnes Healing Church
White Hart Lane
An Celebration of Spirit Messages

Sha will be bringing you the loving kindness of the heartfelt messages that your loved ones want to share with you. Sha is an open Channel for Spirit and has been giving public forums for messages for many years. As a natural Medium, Sha will hear, see, often taste, smell and feel the energy of your loved ones as they come forward to connect with you.

Bring your best loving energy to fill the room as this will dictate the energy at which Spirit can come forward. They will feel welcomed to communicate with you when you are most open and accepting of their love and guidance.

Sha brings an empathetic and naturally caring approach to how she connects with you and with Spirit.

Please don’t be disheartened if you do not receive a message, as Sha believes that ALL messages that come through to others have a message for the entire room. Be open and accepting of Spirit when they approach you, and you will surely benefit from their eternal love for all.

Friday 15th July 2016

7 pm

Barnes Healing Church
White Hart Lane

Charity Event: Special Fee - £10 with half proceeds going to Charity.
SPECIAL CHARITY EVENT: An Evening of Spirit at Barnes Healing Church

Join Sha at Barnes Healing Church for a Spirit-filled, energetic and memorable evening for messages from those you know and love. Sha will share some of the knowledge she has gained as a Medium who has worked on TV, and the differences between the gifts of second sight. She will also discuss how Mediumship works and why you get what you get, and her perspective on the Spirit World and Mediumship.

Sha has a wealth of experience delivering messages in a public forum as well as 1-2-1. She has a professional approach to her work as well as warmth and sincerity in how she communicates with the Spirit World and how she brings those messages through to you. As a Counsellor, Sha has a natural empathetic nature and demeanor and approaches this work as one of joy, laughter, fun and the evidential messages from your loved ones. She has been told by audiences that they have felt a sense of peace and comfort as well as taking away new insight into their lives, and the World which we affectionately call ‘Spirit’.

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