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Sha's website for psychotherapy, counselling & other therapies. Interesting and informative site with updates on workshops and news about mental health and spiritual development.

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A range of new & exciting mp3's for relaxation, transformation and transmutation. Visit Sha's A-Store at Amazon here. Or go to her iTunes page here.

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A percentage of all monies earned from public demonstrations go to the Cats Protection League, the RSPCA & Cancer Research. Please support these amazing charities by donating.

Ruth Phillips
Ruth Phillips, the noted and much in demand Healer uses her extrasensory gifts to connect with the Spirit world. Her many years of experience in the world of psycho-psychic phenomena using Mediumship, clairvoyance, past life regression, spiritual healing, and Feng Shui (the ancient art of placement of space to achieve harmony) has made her one of the most sought after healers on several continents. Hear Sha's podcast with Ruth on the Press and Media page.

James Rattee
James Rattee is a filmmaker and editor based in London. He likes running in Richmond park, watching old films, overnight train journeys in far away places, skiing on empty slopes and the odd sneaky episode of Judge Judy. He makes documentaries and short fiction films, as well as corporate and commercial videos. He is currently in his last year of PhD in film. James shot the video of the Mind Body Soul Experience.

Soul Star Crystals & Organics
A fantastically dedicated and inspiring duo of crystal and organic practitioners based in the north of England. They provide a quality range of crystals for practitioner and ornamental use, along with eco-friendly organic products. Ian also provides crystal workshops in the Blackpool area. Great care and love is taken with the products, their choice in product & the delivery of the product which is swift and accurate. Their after-care and customer relations are top notch. I can personally highly recommend them.

Many testimonials that were left on the Psychic TV Website during Sha's guest appearances on the show are listed on the following link. They have been copied just as they were written. 

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