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Definitions are explained by the Divination (type), What Is it?
(what is involved), and How (how to do it).
Angel Guidance
Communication with
Angelic beings.
Clairvoyance, Angel Cards, Channelling, Meditation
Astral Travel
(sometimes known as Remote Viewing)
Witches on broomsticks. (No just kidding, but it is an accurate image). The outer body experience of moving outside your physical body
Can occur naturally or deliberately. Takes time and concentration. Often a natural occurrence. The deliberate travel takes dedicated practice.
Dated back to the 2nd millinium (BCE), it is divination based on the system of relationship between astronomical phenomena and events in the human world.
The Planets in & beyond our Solar System and how it affects your date of birth in the position they were in at that time. Can be complicated.
The gift of being able to taste through spirit communication.
Natural ability, as above. You will often taste a favourite food of the communicator. Can sometimes be unpleasant.
The gift (or curse!!) of being able to smell to smell that which is undetectable to the human olfactory system.
Natural ability, as above. You may smell flowers, perfume, smoke, etc. whilst giving a reading. Approximately 12% of sensitives have this ability.
The gift of feeling or sensing what someone is feeling or has felt in the past. When used in Mediumship, the medium will often feel an ailment, or cause of death.
Natural ability, as above. You will physically feel a pain or sensation on the body, or sneeze or cough, your speech may be affected. You may become immobilized. Approximately 25% of sensitives have this ability.

Simply put, seeing images. The ability to sense and interpret situations or information using some or all of the senses. Also can see future events.
Most people think it is a natural ability and that it cannot be learnt or taught. However you can practice relaxing and being open with no fear to receive the messages in images.
Colour Healing
Using colour to heal or help the physical body. Also can balance the chakras, as each one has a colour aligned with it.
Usually in a relaxed state a colour healer will use imagery, crystals or coloured water to help heal or bring a shift to an issue.
Crystal Ball Scrying
Romany tradition of focusing on a crystal sphere to see the past, present and future.
Takes concentration. Sometimes a natural ability. More often, practice makes perfect.
Divine (The)

The one. The only. The God, who has many names.
A belief system, which is often learned, and changed as we grow older with our own understanding, experiences and spiritual growth and knowledge. 
Divination (Divining)
Using various tools to receive insight into what is unseen, like future events.

Pendulum, Tarot, Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Crystal Ball, Scrying rods, astrology, the aura, sand, flowers, the moon, and the list goes on.
Dream Analysis
Dissecting the symbols and events in dreams to better understand your life as you know it. Can be technical.
Natural ability, although some training and intense study can help with interpretation. Not for the novice, as incorrect interpretation can do more harm than good. Different modalities offer different types of dream analysis. A psychic's analysis is different from a trained psychologists' or psychoanalysts'.
Allowing the universal life healing force to work through your hands, either by physical contact, or remotely, to rejuvenate and recuperate the physical body and its auric field.
This can be energy healing using Reiki, hands on, crystals, gemstones, water. Also may involve healing the psychic and psychological mind, using hypnotherapy, counselling and other methods.
Someone who heals using the methods noted above or by counselling, psychotherapy or hypnotherapy & other methods.
See above Healing

The sensory knowing that is not scientifically explained. Often known as the gut feeling. The part of us that just knows, without psychological reasoning.
Inbuilt ability that is within us all. It is a skill to learn to listen to it. When separated from reasoning, it can be profound.
or Medium

Communication with the spirit world, primarily from those who once lived on this earth, but also from those beings of a higher realm, be it Guides, Angels, and of course, The Divine Spirit.
A natural ability, although some enhance this ability through practice. Being able to see, hear, smell, and interact with those light beings who have passed from this earth and time into the next (also known as the other side, heaven, in spirit).

The study of numbers in relation to birthdates, names, places, and events, which can predict the future. This practice can also reveal personality traits, life purpose, and relationship
Intricate practice and takes knowledge and skill, which is often learned. Dissects numbers, matches them with other numbers (dates, house number, telephone numbers), and then charts them. This then gives insight into the question at hand. Challenging.

Passing Over (Death)
The transition of the physical body into the spirit body. Loss of the physical, human flesh and blood body.
Takes practice (sorry, couldn't resist). A definite in this life, although many look at death as the beginning, rather than the end. Some say we choose when we die. Others say it has been chosen for us. Many psychics say they can predict death, and this has indeed been proven.
Past Life (Lives)
The life or lives you have experienced and lived before this current one.
Controversial topic. Psychics are often able to tell if current problems are due to a past life. Their guides and helpers often give them this information. Different from the process of past life regression.
Using any object (crystal, cork, coin) on a string to follow its direction to divine answers to specific questions. It can also clear the energies of a space, detect bad energies, locate lost objects, find a position on a map, tell direction and location, tell health issues, find missing persons, and other things.
Natural and learnt ability. Takes practice. The diviner will use the pendulum, and it will move clockwise, counter clockwise, back and forth, to give a yes, no or maybe to a direct question on situation. The true diviner will be careful not to move his physical hand, as the pendulum should always move on its own.
The ability to sense, feel or see things that is normally undetected by the human mind.
Natural ability. Diviners use various tools such as the crystal ball and the tarot to access this information.

The ability to sense, feel or see things that is normally undetected by the human mind.
Natural ability that some say can lie dormant until you are ready to access it. Some believe that everyone is psychic. I believe that we all have intuition, but not all are given psychic skills
Psychokinesis (Telekinesis)
The ability to move or manipulate objects without physical contact (spoon bending, table lifting, moving items across a table). Known as mind over matter.
Definitely a natural ability! Very few say they have learned this ability. Through concentration and will, you are able to move, lift, or manipulate an object (not a person!)

Receiving an impression, vision, feeling, or information from an object (jewellery, flower)
A natural ability, although can be enhanced with practice. The diviner holds the object and is able to gain insight into the owner or wearer.
The afterlife, in which we return either in spirit form, or in physical form to inhabit a physical body. The souls continuous journey.

A sensitive can often tell if someone has been reincarnated. Many believe that we do come back as humans, whilst others believe we can return as an animal or inanimate object.
A way of life and spiritual practice. Usually involves ancient Celtic, Nomadic, or Native American guidance often connecting with the Ancestors.

A sensitive can often tell if someone has been reincarnated. Many believe that we do come back as humans, whilst others believe we can return as an animal or inanimate object.
Spirit Guide(s)
A higher being of ethereal vibrations, sometimes from the Ascended Masters, who help us on our journey in this life and beyond.
Controversial topic. Some believe in them and some do not. We have several who attach to us at different times in our lives, and often one who was there from conception. Different from The Divine Spirit. They are often on their own journey fulfilling their own purpose in the Spirit realm through helping us. But remember, some things are meant for us to go through in life. They can guide, but not always prevent.
The Spirit Realm
The realm of which is of the spiritual (unseen) world. In the Nicene Creed in Catholicism, it is recited 'all that is seen or unseen'. The ancients Greeks and other cultures divined by using oracles. The Spirit realm has historical reference in all spiritual scripts.
A sensitive will use divination tools to communicate with the spiritual realm, and will pass on messages from Guides, Angels and relatives.

Also see Mediumship.
Tarot (The Ancient)
Those diviners who use the ancient symbolism of the cards to see and tell of your past, present and future.
There are many different card decks and readers will be drawn to use certain ones. Then the Quarant (you) will choose the cards. A highly technical and learned skill, as there are many different meanings to individual cards and their placement in a spread and the interpreter needs to be experienced at knowing which one is appropriate. Practice, study, dedication, and lots of time is needed to become adept.