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Due to Sha's very busy clinic, a non-refundable deposit (and sometimes full payment upfront) is required for ALL bookings to be confirmed. It is advisable to accept the first appointment offered. We are now keeping a cancellation list, and if an appointment becomes available at short notice, you may be contacted. Again, it is advisable to accept the first appointment offered. 

International Clients: If for any reason a flight is delayed or travel difficulties occur, we will take this into consideration when re-booking and try to accommodate you with the nearest possible date and time.
                    Sha reserves the right to decline giving a reading to anyone for reasons she deems appropriate.
1. Consultations are done face to face or by telephone. Email readings and SKYPE readings by arrangement only.
2. Advanced booking is absolutely necessary.
3. Some consultations last between 50 minutes and 90 minutes, and this is arranged at the time of booking.
4. Most consultations can be taped using your phone or iPad.

We hold a waiting list as appointments are usually booked up well in advance.
You are advised to take the first appointment offered. In the event of a cancellation, the next name on the waiting list will be telephoned.

When a booking is taken, you will be sent an invoice for a deposit to secure your appointment.

Payments are accepted by the following methods:
A. PAYPAL (Visa & MasterCard) of which I can send you an invoice by email for immediate payment. (www.paypal.com)
B. Cash (Please do not send cash in the post, unless it is by special or recorded delivery).
Please contact me for information on where to send payments.

Please inquire directly, as fees will change depending on where I do the reading. For example, if it is at a Mind Body Soul exhibition or any other public appearance there will be a set fee for a specific time. All private readings are done in either of my 2 consulting rooms in London. You are expected to give your name, address, date of birth and contact number for all consultations. This is in line with insurance policy and safe practice.

The Consultation

1. Have a couple of key areas that you would like to focus on.
2. Ensure that you will not be disturbed. (if by phone or email). Also if you have an area you would like to focus on, give a brief description or bullet points (i.e. work, family, career).
3. Find a quiet place and relax as much as you can. Perhaps play some nice relaxing music.
4. Clear your immediate surrounding energy by lighting incense or a candle.
5. Remain open to hear from Spirit, whatever the message and stay positive in your thoughts.
6. Don't ask questions like, 'Will I win the lottery?', 'Do I have cancer?' 'Am I going to prison?' We can look at the situation, but you must take responsibility for your health by visiting health professionals who are experts in this field. The same applies to matters of the law & serious financial problems.

Email Readings
If you have ordered a 1-Question Reading, please keep in mind that the focus of your reading will be on the 1-Question, not 2 or 3. There is a choice between the readings, and you can order 3 or more questions. However, if you order 1, this will be the focus. To prepare to ask your question, try the following:
A. Sit quietly and concentrate to quieten your thoughts;
B. You may have several concerns in your mind, but there will be a main focus. Like a microscope, zoom in on the focus of your concern;
C. Formulate the question in your mind. Go over it several times, include all the bits and pieces that lead to the question;
D. Now write down the 1 Question.

Examples of a 1-Question Reading:
eg 1. I am thinking about changing careers but what I want to do requires me getting a degree. I am unsure whether I should go for it, quit my job and attend college full-time. What should I do?
(This question has 3 questions within it. Therefore the focus will be on the first question asked, or the one in which Spirit guides me to answer, not all 3).

eg 2. My wife and I are considering having another child. We both work and are paying childcare and its hard at times financially. Should we wait to have another child when we've saved some money or should we go for it now?
(This can be seen as a 1 question reading as you are asking between 2 choices).

eg 3. I think my wife is seeing another person but I'm not sure. Is she?
(This is a 1-Question reading, simply put)

If you've ordered an email reading, you will received confirmation of the order by Julienne who does all bookings. She will give you instructions on how to move forward and when to expect your reading.

If you are having a reading in person, you will received confirmation of the reading details via email.
You can tape the reading in person on your phone or other device. You may find that there were certain things you've missed during the actual reading. When you feel you need uplifting, listen to your recording. It is more than just a tape of information. The spiritual energies connected to it are healing and powerful. It will feel just as if you were having another reading. The same applies to an email reading. You can read it over again.


1. I will not book a consultation too often, usually not more than once a month unless there is a lot happening around a particular area for you. People who feel they need consultations every day or every week have become addicted to this and may actually need to seek other professional help. Spirit guides do not want us to rely on them to live our lives. They want us to take responsibility for our own decisions.

2. Please keep in mind that Spirit cannot and will not tell you what to do with your life. They 'guide' us. They will give you what is there, but it is up to you to decide what to do about the situations you create. You have free will. You will decide your directions, which enforces your empowerment.

3. I am always aware of the psychological condition of people who contact me for readings. If at any time I feel that you are substituting psychic readings for what should be professional psychiatric help, I will tell you. As a fully qualified and licensed psychotherapist I am qualified to make this assessment. A psychic reading should never be a substitute for counselling, psychiatry, or any other emotional, physical or medical attention. You must always consult a professional physician for medical diagnosis regarding your physical & mental health. Please take your health seriously. I take your health seriously.

4. I adhere to a code of ethics and conduct. I will not treat those who are suicidal, as a psychic reading is not appropriate. I will always refer you to your medical doctor, A&E or to the Samaritans, or the Crisis Line as this is the right place for you to go immediately. Please check the Links page for some very useful phone numbers.

5. In dire distress a psychic reading may not be the best idea. If you are too emotionally and energetically distraught, I may not be able to link with your energy and I may not be able to do a reading for you.

6. My responsibility to you is to provide you with spiritual guidance to the best of my ability. If I think I am unable to help for whatever reason, I will tell you. I may be able to sign-post you to the appropriate service that may help.

Mediumship & Psychic Consultations for Children & Young Adults

Children understand the concept of Angels, Fairies, Gnomes, Orbs and all things unseen much better than adults do. This is because as children they have yet to develop the skeptical, critical, judgmental and pessimistic mind that adults spend years developing and perfecting. Children are much more honest, open and free of the world's negative thinking.

Therefore it is only fitting that children be given the opportunity to explore spirituality, meditation and working with energy. It is helpful for them to know of the Divine Love and energy.

Many children are psychic and have a heightened sixth sense. We call these 'Indigo children'. They are able to see Spirit and are sometimes very skilled in telekinesis (the moving of objects). Children are excellent mind readers, but unfortunately are often made to tone down their insights by adults who are either fearful or judgmental about spirituality. Adults can also be jealous and envious of a child's natural gifts. Other religious doctrine may warn against opening up spiritually or divining using Seers. The 'Prophets' in the Bible were exactly that, 'Seers'.

In giving a reading to a child, I encourage the parent to be present so that the experience is shared and so that you are aware both of everything that comes into the reading. A relative that a child did not meet may be identified by the parent.

During the first & second sessions, I may ask for your feedback, with your child's permission.

However, if a child is experiencing difficulties and would like to discuss this with me in private, we can discuss this and if appropriate, agree that the child attend on their own whilst the parent waits. As in keeping with the code of ethics and conduct of both the BACP, the UKCP and the GHR, if I find that the child is in any danger either to him/herself or others, then I will take the appropriate action necessary for the safety of all involved. The same would apply if the child were to reveal any other information that was a cause for concern.

For problems such as night terrors, bed wetting, thumb sucking, etc. I may prescribe a crystal remedy or refer you to a herbalist for a natural remedy. For more serious problems I may refer you to seek medical advice.

All readings are the same amount of time. I may incorporate energy clearing, visualisation, crystals, kinesiology, and dream interpretation, which is a key component to my readings. Mediumship is often the first port of call. I will explain all concepts and interpretations. I also use age appropriate language so as not to confuse the child with concepts that may be difficult to understand..

Thank you for your attention to the above matters.

Remember that The Divine Spirit loves you.
Blessings and Many Wonderful Journeys.
Book a Group Reading with Me!

For any occasion, a group reading is the perfect way to get the most out of having a private reading among the people you love and know.

In public demonstrations, the number of people can be huge. This means that the chances of you getting a message is slimmer, depending upon time restraints.

With a private group reading among family and friends, you get the support of those who know you and care about you.

Group Readings are booked by:
Family Work colleagues Friends Neighbours Businesses Organisations
Special Occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and weddings
To mark a new chapter in life When purchasing a new home School reunions Family reunions

Whatever the occasion may be, I am happy to give your group a reading.

*no maximum of people | *minimum of 6 people

To book contact me at info@theseerslight.com
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