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I work as a natural Medium intuitive.
My guides (there are different ones at different times) give me insight into your world and I receive messages from relatives, friends, associates and anyone who wants to communicate with their loved ones and who have passed on to the world of Spirit. I have a sensitive, caring and non-judgmental approach for a positive, accurate and comfortable reading. I sometimes use other divinatory tools such as the Runes, the pendulum, various cards, divining rods & a crystal ball. I am professional trained and skilled in past-life regression and am a Crystal healer & Feng Shui practitioner. I am also an experienced dowser & Trance Medium. I regularly demonstrate spirit communication skills in spiritualist churches and other venues throughout the world.

Mediumship (main demonstration of links with the Spirit World) is the heightened sense of awareness that forms a link between the two worlds of the living and spirit realm. The departed are often excited to communicate with friends and relatives and loved ones still in the physical world. While every medium is naturally psychic, every psychic may not necessarily be a medium.
A psychic is someone who is sufficiently sensitive to energy fields of places and people and who can tap into others awareness. Everyone has this ability, but few learn to enhance it. A clairvoyant will have one or several skills that may mesh into one, as some are able to hear, see, or feel things through spirit. They are often able to foresee future events. I believe that whilst everyone has some psychic ability, Mediumship is very different and that every psychic is not a Medium.
See my Definitions page for more details.

This is an exciting, revealing, and healing process, past life regression can uncover hidden clues that explain behaviours, fears, and even relationships. It can help you heal a present emotional, physical or spiritual problem which may have roots in a life that goes back many years or centuries, enabling you to change your life. It can help release writers block and other creative blockages. It is an exhilarating experience. Read more here.
I am a specialist in Past Life Regression as I am a professionally trained and practicing Hypnotherapist & have helped many people uncover and trace roots back to past lives that are still affecting present day living. Unresolved issues, fears, and relationship soul connections can often be traced back in time. I create a safe and sacred space which enables you to relive your past life, take you through the event or events that are relevant, resolve the issue, and then move you on. After each life, you have the opportunity to release and let go any blocks. Sessions last 2 hours.
It's important to know that this is very different from a psychic reading, where your past lives are revealed through someone else. In a past life regression session, as a Hypnotherapist, I help you to regress back in time so that you actually experience the past life yourself, with me as a helpful guide. Both can be extremely healing and comforting.

Trance is when you come out of your body and allow someone else to take it over for the purposes of expression. This can happen through dance, art, and of course Mediumship. I am a natural at trance medium and experienced it at an early age. I was never afraid of it and welcomed it. I will admit to some challenging experiences, but I have since been able to hone and control the experience with the help of my guides.
As well as Channelling messages from Spirit through trance Mediumship, I also give Inspirational Speaking, where an Ascended Master or Guide will come through to give helpful wisdom into our daily lives on this Earth plane. This is one of my absolute favourite ways to communicate, and I often hold workshops to show you how to open up this amazing and often life changing experience.


The College of Psychic Studies, Kensington, London, UK
      - Trance Mediumship with Tony Stockwell

The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain, London, UK

Mediumship Circle trained: London Spiritual Mission, London, UK

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  • I make it an ethical policy not to read for people too often, unless something particularly challenging is happening in their lives. Whilst Spirit will help us with our immediate needs it is concerning to become too dependent on readings as this can sometimes replace your own need to use your discernment and to learn to take control of your own life.

  • No two sittings are the same. The Spirit World is in control of the information that comes through. I am a messenger and channel for them. So I take responsibility for how I deliver those messages. This is why working in this way can be unclear at times. It is not a guessing game as skeptics often suggests; rather it is simply a matter of interpreting exactly what comes through.

  • There is a general saying that 'No psychic reading is guaranteed'. However, information usually does come through, loudly and clearly, that is if you can hear and see Spirit. Nevertheless, there may be reasons why nothing will come through to me, and the main reason will be that you have had far too many readings recently. Or that it is not the right time or I am not the right person to help. I will also be protected and looked after by my spiritual helpers.

  • People think that this is not a science, and yet the law of physics rings clear in that if you keep asking the same questions enough times, you get the same answer. This is where the line, 'I've had a lot of readings and everyone says she will come back to me. You're the first one to say she won't', will come into play. Sometimes people like to link with different psychics to get different views from their Guides. But eventually, if you ask the same question over & over, you will most likely eventually get a different answer from someone.

  • I always believe Spirit before I believe anything else. As humans, we have human memory and recall, which is sometimes slow and inaccurate. In my experience, I have learnt not to discard, dismiss, or change any part of a reading, unless I honestly think that I have heard a name pronounced to me wrongly, or something along those lines.

  • Please keep an open mind. You may come to a consultation wanting to hear a certain answer, or expecting a relative to come forward. We cannot make Spirit come through. We can only open and ask for their help and guidance. But relatives choose when and if they want to communicate. They aren't just sitting around waiting to be called. In my experience, I have learnt that Spirit is busy helping us all. However, they are there when we need them most. And most of us will have several helpers, not just your relatives who have passed on.

  • Questions about your physical health are answered, but only in particular circumstances. You should not depend upon a psychic reading for a diagnosis of health problems, nor should you rely upon a psychic reading to treat illness. You should always consult a medically trained doctor or consultant, and follow their guidance. I encourage everyone to also rely upon your own innate intuition.


  • Will I get the job?
  • Should I go out with this man/woman?
  • Should I move?
  • Will he/she loose in court?
  • Do I have cancer, Aids, or other illness?
  • If I place a bet will I win?
  • Should I take the job that has been offered?
  • Should I tell him/her what I think about them?
  • Will I pass my driving test/exams?
  • Is my husband/wife cheating on me?

Whilst I could answer most of these questions, Spirit tend to encourage you to take full responsibility for your own choices. I know I'm repeating this, but hopefully it will sink in. Perhaps there is a spiritual lesson to be learned from knowing, or not knowing. I will always give an answer, but it may not be a simple 'yes/no'. On the other hand, you can try asking all of the above and see what happens. I never know what will come through. I will just go with the flow of what happens that day.

  • I do not do readings regarding gambling, guessing lottery numbers, which insurance or mortgage should you take, should you get a loan, or anything to do with your own finances in that regard. I can however pinpoint certain areas of your financial life that may need attention. I am aware how the topic of money can insight some very difficult feelings for people. I am happy to give guidance on this in that respect.

These topics are some of life's big lessons and they are your responsibility. Asking a spiritual medium to take responsibility for your choices is not very responsible . Whilst I can understand the stress & fear that comes with uncertainty, it is disabling to give away your own power to make decisions. Instead, I help to empower you to find that power and move forward positively, optimistically, and grow psychologically.

If you have any queries regarding the above, contact me here

Continued from Welcome...

Having all the 'clairs' (see Definitions) means that life has been very interesting, to say the least.

I have had some very interesting experiences from a very early age and have been blessed to have a family that supported my 6th sense. I am a 3rd generation Channeller, but a generation was skipped, and then I came along. I've often wondered if this is why I was able to see, sense, hear, taste, smell and feel all things all at once. There was no 'developing' as such. It all happened naturally and organically, all at once. So therefore I am known as a natural Medium.

It was later in life that I was mentored by a Spiritual Teacher from South Africa who helped me to organise myself to the extent that I could work in a structured way to give readings. In other words, so that I could protect myself from picking up anything and everything all the time. I'm not like other psychics and Mediums who say that they cannot switch off. I can switch off and I find it necessary to do so. It doesn't always work however, since Spirit has a way of getting through what they want to and when they want to get it through to me. Because of my other work, I must switch off any psychic or Mediumship channel as it is not helpful in the therapeutic process.
I give workshops throughout the world and continue to give Mediumship Demonstrations at spiritualist churches throughout the UK and internationally when time permits. See Events and Workshops.
Please Subscribe to my monthly Newsletter as it is always jam-packed with useful and insightful information from around the world. There is always something fresh and new to learn and it  will have your requested interests and my own personal recommendations from books to crystals to meditations. I adore give-aways because I like to share what I know to be helpful. So keep an eye out for monthly specials!

Meanwhile, thank you for visiting with me. Your feedback is always welcomed.
Many Blessings of Divine Love, Joy and Laughter.


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I am fully dedicated to confidentiality in all readings. Any testimonials or endorsements I print have been with the full consent or request of the client.